Friday, December 12, 2008

Where on a chicken is the "nugget"?

We all know they grind up the bits and press them into molds, and then batter and fry them. The question I really want to know is where are my baconuggets? Same process but instead of chicken bits just grind up a whole slab of bacon. I know there is deep fried bacon at Sodalak's, but this is different.. a thick (by bacon standards) chunk of bacon nirvana, fried up and served with your favorite dipping sauce. I am thinking maple for my morning drive thru run, melty cheese at lunch, and the smoked hickory sauce on the way home for dinner. "I'll take the 20 piece family pack please....better make that two."

Wendy's.... are you listening? You owe us for that Baconator debacle.