Monday, June 22, 2009

Bacon Geeks

I love bacon and I am a geek, or is it a nerd, I am one of those people that can't tell the difference. I think one is cool and one is not.... I am the cool one, yeah that's it.

Anyway, a couple of geeky things today, but not just geeky, geeky with a taste o' bacon.

There was the iPhone bacon case, now there is a matching case for your shuffle.
Not sure if a shuffle needs a case, but everything deserves to be wrapped in bacon. (Note to self, do not eat shuffle even when wrapped in bacon.)

I love Woot! I am not afraid to admit it, I got my first BoC in the last woot off, and I also like some of the shirts. Today's shirt is a glorious 8-bit bacon extravaganza. Go buy it now, as the price goes up at midnight and if it doesn't sell well its a one week only sort of thing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bacon Hangover

I saw that movie "The Hangover", and I only mention it as my friends have talked me into leaving for Vegas in a couple of hours. I will hopefully get some sort of awesome Vegas bacon action shots... (I think that consists of a buffet line with lots of bacon, not sure). Anyway, I wont be posting anything until after the return but maybe a twitpic? God I hope i don't have a memory lapse of bacon, that would be tragic!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bikes and bacon

In Madison Wisconsin they have a "Bike To Work Week" and while I think that is awesome in itself, one sponsor is making sure that there is a great reason to use the pedal power, BACON.

I love the line "Join us for soon-to-be-famous Planet Bike bacon..." I am pretty sure that being on Lords of Bacon doesn't make you famous, but we certainly salute you and everyone biking for bacon!

(original credit to a post by Bob Hague)

Why Bacon?

Its no secret that Bacon Jason and I love bacon, I mean we really love bacon. Its out there, people that know us, they know we are embracing the slow death by pork fat.

I get asked maybe not a lot but enough, "What do you love about bacon so much?" This is a very silly question to me, it is like asking "What do you like about sex so much?" and interestingly enough, both questions have the same answer: "Have you had it?!?!"

So allow me to turn the tables here, and ask you "So... whats up with you and bacon?" For the members of the bacon nation I am sure it's not an uncommon question, and I am sure you have one or two pat answers. Post em and lets see what they are.

Bacon Bits? Seriously?

I saw a play once, the premise being that this lobotomized person, "Lobo Tommy" could only repeat what was said to him, and in such, everyone found him to be a genius yadda yadda yadda. Sure it worked for the gardener, and for rain man, but that's Hollywood.

I am not sure if the person I was talking to was putting me on, an idiot savant, or just one of those uncomfortable socially creepy type of people. Yesterday this person is wandering around the cubicle farm where I work, and there was nobody else around. He looked lost, so I asked if he was looking for someone in particular, or could I help him. He stands there for a second and notices the screen saver on my Mac (a photo slide show of wonderful flickr bacon goodness) and asks "What's with the bacon?" I start to go into the short version of lords of bacon when i realize he isn't listening at all. He chimes in "I like bacon bits". So a little put off by his demeanor I say yeah bacon bits are good. Then with all the seriousness of someone that needs a bathroom asking where the closest one is, he asks "How do you make bacon bits?".....

How do you make bacon bits?!?!??! Is it me or is the name "bacon bits" also a pretty good description of the complex nature of the product. They are, ya know, bits of bacon. Maybe take some bacon... and chop it into bits? If this guy was playing me, he has the best poker face, I was trying to see a smirk or a snicker or any tell that would let me know he wasn't seriously overwhelmed by the complexity of bits of bacon. But I could find none, I turned back around and went back to work, and he wandered off. I asked someone else if he knew who he was later, and they said something about annoying....

Monday, June 8, 2009

RSS feeds, twitter, etc

I currently have over 30 RSS feeds on my igoogle bacon page. There is a lot of scrolling and figuring out what is new and what is stale. A lot of the blogs have twitter accounts. I have said it before, "I am not anti-social, I am anti-social networking". Bacon is the only reason I would ever consider joining twitter, and with that I succumb to "twitting"? Feel free to follow us, or don't. I will simply be posting links back to posts here, and following the bacon peeps in that corner of cyber-space. .... god I feel so dirty, I need a shower.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Zombies love bacon..

Believe it or not there are actually people that read this blog regularly AND don't read other bacon blogs!!!! (Thanks sis). Anyway I was talking about the bacon music video that features zombies and they had not seen it, and now I cant find the original post that I saw the video on, so my apologies for doing that repetitive thing i don't like... I give you "Bacon" the music video:

Also take a look at this great shirt design, I love it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Load up that iPod.....

The interwebs is a wonderful place, with lots of people doing their thing. You ever google your own name and see who else is out there running around with your moniker? In that vein I present an album that has probably the best name ever!!!
You can download or torrent your copy here, give it a "spin". I am going to listen to it while eating bacon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I couldn't have said it better Mr. Baconpants

So a doppelganger is a ghostly counterpart of oneself, what is it called if there is a flesh and blood counterpart? They are in my head at Mr. Baconpants, this has happened a few times on a few blogs about bacon, with the specificness of the topic there is bound to be similar posts. Over at Mr. Baconpants they are talking about Wendy's new bacon, and it is amazing how they have put the very thoughts in my head into their post. I don't like to put up info that has already been posted elsewhere, makes for a lot of redundant reading, so just read the post there. Wendy's equals bacon fail... again.