Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Especially for our 2nd Winner.

The Lords Of Bacon hope Santa leaves lots of bacon under your tree. Our reader Jan is getting a little help, as they won a coupon to try the new Oscar Mayer Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon. I feel like Bacon Santa.

Let's do it again.

If you entered this last contest, you are automatically entered for this next round, if you want to enter again, that's fine too. This time lets go with 2 random winners selected from emails sent to lordsofbacon (at) gmail (dot) com, with the subject line FREE BACON. We'll pull the winners at noon on my birthday, I mean New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That was easy... Winner #1

We have a winner in our first Free Bacon Giveaway! Reader 'Meg' was randomly selected from last week's contest to win a coupon good for a free package of Oscar Mayer's Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon Lovers Bacon. Congratulations Meg!!!! You can be next.

When she heard she won she was good enough to share a recipe for the most awesome bacon cookies she has ever had. So we will share with everyone. Can't wait to try these.

Bacon Maple Cookies

  • 1 c. butter or margarine, softened
  • 3/4 c. brown sugar, packed
  • 3/4 c. sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 T + 1 t. maple syrup
  • 2 1/3 c. flour
  • 1 t. baking soda
  • 1/4 t. salt
  • 1/2 – 1 lb. bacon, cooked, crumbled and well drained (drain for a couple of hours if possible, you don't want bacon GREASE cookies.)

1. In a large mixing bowl, beat together butter or margarine, brown sugar and sugar until fluffy. Stir in eggs and maple extract or syrup. Beat for 1 more minute.

2. In a small bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt. Stir to combine and add in batches to mixing bowl. Beat just long enough to incorporate.

3. By hand, stir in the bacon pieces. Drop by tablespoons onto cookie sheets. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes, until golden brown.

We Want To Give You FREE BACON!

Oscar Mayer gave us some coupons for a free package of their new Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon. We want to share with you. Simply send an email to us at lordsofbacon (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line FREE BACON and you are entered. As promised I have deleted the emails from the first contest so if you entered before you will need to enter again. Deadline to enter is Noon on the 24th. We will pick a random entry and send them a coupon for Free Bacon!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Hunt For Red December

And by Red I mean bacon, specifically the new Oscar Mayer Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon we posted about earlier today. It is coming to a supermarket near you and hopefully near us as well in December 2009. Bacon Jason and I have checked 2 Ralph's an Albertson's and a Von's so far and have yet to find it on the shelves. We will be commenting on our search as we continue to hit supermarkets here in SoCal. The suggested retail is $4.50, we will post the price we find it for as well.

Has anyone seen this in the wild yet? Where? How much?

Selling out never tasted so good...

We were recently contacted by Oscar Mayer's PR people and asked if we would like to try some free bacon. We thought to ourselves, a large corporation offering up a free sample, isn't that selling out, what about our "independent integrity"? We wrestled with this for all of about 8.3 seconds (only reason it took that long was we were speechless for 5) and realized "independent integrity"? We don't even know what that is, pretty sure its made up. We would love to try some free bacon please!
So we received a "bacon care package" from the folks at Oscar Mayer including product samples of the new Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, some coupons so we can share some with the readers, a skillet, and a hot pad to cook up the bacon. We also got some recipes we will be trying and sharing and a grocery gift card for supplies.

It was like "Bacon Christmas", or Festivus if that's your thing. Pretty sure neither of us had been this excited since unwrapping an Atari 2600 way back in the day. Bacon Jason will be posting his thoughts soon and my review follows here in this post. If you get all the way through that at the end I will tell you how you can win a coupon for a free package of the new Oscar Mayer Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon to try for yourself.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the bacon was it is THICK, they are not kidding with the word Super here. We love our STP Ratio© here at LoB. The label on this new bacon comes says it has 9 strips in a package that is a whopping 9: 1 STP Ratio©!!!!!! I counted and my package had ten, so it is an approximation but even at 10:1 this stuff is thick!

I decided to be fair I should do a side by side comparison, I chose Oscar Mayer's 12oz package of Center Cut Bacon. Now I am not sure but I think figuring an STP Ratio© with a 12oz package of bacon requires some algebraic formula that only physicists or possibly a super computer could figure out. I took a couple of pictures with a quarter on top so you can get a good idea of the difference between these two bacons.
OK so I am no photographer, and heck it was my iPhone, but you get the idea.

Time to open these up and give em a sniff. The new bacon reeked (in the good way) of smokiness, the center cut, not so much, well, after the applewood smoked, you could say not at all. I asked my daughter to give them an impartial sniff, she didn't like either, but remember she is a vegetarian (whoo hoo I get all the bacon!).

So I have the bacon out and am getting it onto the tray, and I have to be honest it is reminiscent of some of the gourmet bacon's we have tried, the pieces have a "slice of pork belly" shape to them. This is looking up for a widely available super market bacon. The Center cut are all very uniform and have the squared off shape.

This is a full pound, 10 slices. It will be interesting to see what sort of shrinkage we get. As you might know, good gourmet bacon does not shrink much when cooked.

This is the center cut that is 20 slices in 12oz. Twice the slices in 3/4ths of the weight....carry the 9....solve for x.... hell I am no physicist.

Well I would love to show you pictures after it was cooked, but the house was full of the smell of bacon and my child wasn't going to eat any, I got distracted. The center cut had some shrinkage as expected, it was thin, it was "OK" bacon, I am a thick man myself.

The Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon takes a while to cook, if you are in a hurry this is not the bacon you want. But trust me its worth the wait, it was thick, it was meaty, very little shrinkage. The folks at Oscar Mayer did thier homework and have put out the best bacon I have ever had from them. The package says "Bacon Lovers", and if that is you, I think you will enjoy this bacon, thats not to say all you "Bacon Likers", "Flirts with Bacon but doesn't go all the way" or "Bacon Friends With Benefits" folks are left out, this is the good stuff. If you only do bacon once a week for Sunday breakfast (all I can say is huh?!?), then this is the stuff you want. Sure you can get the prescription bacon mail order from the specialty places online, and it is great stuff. But this is over the counter, at your local supermarket bacon. If you are shopping the Von's, Ralph's uber chain type store, you know your options can be limited. I can tell you things just got simple, get this and you can't go wrong.

Now how do we get this bacon as an option at Carl's Jr? That would rock my world!

We had a chance to talk with John Li, an executive chef at Kraft that has been coming up with recipes for this new bacon (best job ever b.t.w.) and we will have more on that once we can get our hands on some more of this bacon at our local market (more on that later today). There are some great things you can do with a quality meat and this bacon qualifies.

I don't know if this our longest post ever, but its got to be close, I am sure we lost a few of the friends after the first paragraph, ooh pictures...soo many words.. huh what? drool McRib! Zzzzz. And if that's the case they will miss this part. Oscar Mayer gave us some coupons for FREE Super Thick Cut Bacon that we get to share with you. That's right FREE BACON! Bacon Jason and I have a couple of ideas on how to give out the coupons, maybe something on the facebox page, maybe a twatter contest, but I think we can do something simple right now. Email us at lordsofbacon (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject FREE BACON by lets say 7:06 pm PST this coming Monday 12/21/09. Once is enough, and I will select someone at random from those emails and they win. We do not want to collect your addresses for nefarious purposes, and I am going to delete the mails after the contest, so don't worry about getting spam from us, but someone will get BACON.. get it? spam.. pork product.. bacon.. meat of the gods?? I thought it was funny. OK Go!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I guess 140 just isnt enough sometimes?

So we occasionally twat, or twit, or tweet, whatever it is, usually just a link back to a post here. The other day Carl's Jr begins following us. We love ourselves some western bacon cheeseburger action, especially if it has been "pimped". We were excited, CJ's has an interest in bacon, righteous.

The Six Dollar Burger collectors series is pretty good for something you can get without ever leaving your car. I think it has stepped up the burger game, just look at the chains playing catch up with their Angus deluxe offerings. One could say that because of Carl's Jr's foray into a premium burger option, fast food burger options have improved almost across the board.

With that in mind I twatted (sp?) a message out to Carl's Jr asking when they were going to do the same for fast food bacon? Lets admit it, fast food bacon generally sucks. McDonald's is proud of their slop charging 99¢ for a bacon upgrade. Taco Bell will add bacon to any item for 50¢, but its bits not strips. Wendy's I fear is leading the way (in marketing at least) with their new "better bacon". The market is ripe for a bacon improvement, much in the same way CJ's stormed the market of bland burgers with their premium option.

Now admittedly, I am not sure what sort of response I was expecting, and I realize its probably just an intern earning credit. But somehow the response still caught me off guard.

"@lordsofbacon You can add #bacon to any @CarlsJr burger! It's already on a bunch of them, but u can never have too much #bacon."


Really? I can get bacon on a burger at Carl's Jr?

I eat there once a week at least, this is great news, all this time I have been suffering with bacon less burgers. </sarcasm>

I guess the whole I love your burgers, you changed the industry love I have for them and the desire for them or heck any fast food chain to show Wendy's how it should be done when it comes to improving the bacon options for us all vibe is simply not something conveyed in 140 characters or less.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanks OakMonster!!

The other day we mentioned our spur of the moment bacon upgrade. Well OakMonster commented with a site that has somehow slipped past our bacon radar.

The Sticky Pig

You gotta check it out. Candied bacon goodness! Eight different candied bacon goodnesses to be precise. I can't wait to try them all. Anyone want to buy us a year's worth? I promise we will think about sharing. :)

Mmman I am gonna miss paying bills online...

Technology is a wonderful thing, my paycheck gets direct deposited into my account, my bills get paid online, I can swipe my debit card for purchases, heck I have to go out of my way to a minus machine if I want to even see cash. I rarely write checks, but that may all have to change. Those crazy kids at J&D's have cooked up another of their magical bacon voodoo goodies.


Bacon flavored envelopes! How can I pay bills online knowing that there is a bacon flavored alternative available?? Bill paying time is now bacon time. I once decided to organize my sock drawer rather than the drudgery of paying bills, and all i have are a dozen pairs of the same white socks. But now I can't wait to pay bills. Problem is they are only once a month, maybe I can get some pen pals, or at a minimum some more bills.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mo Bacon

Don't you love it when you set out on a definite journey for a specific item and then you reach your destination only to find that the desired item is nowhere to be found... But, an even better version of the original is found! The wailing and gnashing of teeth turns into sighs of relief and tears of joy! The exhausted exasperation turns to energized excitement!
Well this story will have none of that.
I had no idea why I walked into the local Cost Plus and began meandering around - maybe because it was a fateful evening. Maybe because destiny was guiding my every movement. Maybe it was just because it was cold outside.
Anywho, regardless of what cosmic forces were at work, I found it. The one thing that I did not yet realize that I was looking for.
We'd had and enjoyed Mo's Chocolate Bacon Bar before, but this- this was an unexpected twist, an unanticipated diversion, a whole new taste for us to fondly burp up over and over making it last longer than the DMV lines in Orange County - yes, I know that is a bold statement...
Mo's Dark Bacon Bars had arrived!!!
The same smokey, meaty, salty smoked Applewood Bacon they used in the original milk chocolate bar, but this time -oh- this time they blended it with a sweet and slightly bitter, 62% cacao, dark chocolate.
So yes, it is new AND it is an improvement over what shall now be known as 'the other' chocolate Bacon bar.
I don't even smoke, but after trying Mo's Dark Bacon Bar, I had the urge to light up ;)
Try one, you'll see

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick Bacon Upgrade....

Holiday season is upon us, and Bacon Jason and I just discovered a great treat. We were having our afternoon bacon snack and we got a great idea. What if you sprinkled little chocolate chips on top of a plate of bacon and gave it a couple go rounds in the microwave?

I'll tell you what, this is better than nachos!, you get hot gooey chocolatetized bacon.

Perfect sweet treat for the holidays, and really anyone that doesn't get the sweet/salty appeal of chocolate and bacon? It's good, quit wincing and give it a try.

Next round we snap some pictures

Monday, October 19, 2009

North Of The Border

I haven't been to Canada in over twenty years, so I am looking forward to the next few days in Vancouver, well Richmond either way the money looks funny and the people are nicer, so far same Canada I remember. I need some fries and gravy.

I think its a good omen as I was flipping the channels in my hotel to catch some of the football I missed by traveling, I saw not one but two ads for bacon. No, not what we think of as Canadian bacon, just good ol' bacon. Right there in the middle of football with the beer and pickup truck ads, is this a great country or what?

I went for a meal at a kind of pricey place called "Chop", because if you don't meet your per diem while traveling for work, you lose. I went for a big steak "the other red meat", and got a cesar salad to go with it. Now when I make a cesar salad, it gets a lot of bacon, because its the right thing to do, but I didn't expect what came out to the table. This salad was PACKED with big chunks of smokey bacon. This was no "bits", there was a ton of meat in this thing, I couldn't have done better my self. The lighting was low and the iphone has no flash, so you will just have to take my word for it. This was no game of find the bacon in the lettuce, there were several forkfuls that were more bacon than lettuce.

Hopefully I will have some time to soak up some of the local culture (read: bacon) and I can post about later in the week. So far off to an excellent start.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monday Night in Bakersfield

I know that headline just jumps out at you and says "WOW, I wish I lived that jet set lifestyle". So I find my self in the lovely city of Bakersfield one Monday night, why? well for all the small things really. But what you really want to know is is there bacon goodness to be had? And I am here to tell you, yes there is... in spades.

So lets say you are having some pancakes or waffles for breakfast, some people, I like to call them insane, don't like if the maple syrup gets on their bacon. Its a sweet and salty blending of flavors that has been great for as long as they have been tapping trees for the stuff. Now imagine Maple flavored ice cream... I'll give you a second. Now smooth creamy all the sweetness of maple sugar candy..... and BAM!!! BACON!

That's right Maple Bacon ice cream, and this is no skimpy bits 'o bacon in order to qualify for a meme, this is chunks of the stuff, smokey and good, enveloped in a mapley ice cream blanket of love. Yes of love! This stuff is the bomb! I think anyone with an even modest taste for bacon should give this a try. Get past the "it's ice cream, that's weird" and enjoy this sweet treat.

Where you might ask? The Moo Creamery in Bakersfield, I now have a reason to wish that Bakersfield wasn't 2 hours away. This place is in a little industrial park and I can't tell you if its out of the way or not as its the first place I went in Bakersfield. It was easy to find. They have an assortment of homemade gourmet ice creams that I can only imagine are as awesome as the maple bacon, the other food looked good, but all I wanted was the ice cream. That's right I had ice cream for dinner and it didn't ruin my appetite.... for more bacon! I do wish I had tried the Guinness Float but I was the DD. The staff was super friendly and offered up samples and were very nice. If you find your self with an empty place in your stomach and within distance of this establishment... go! Tell em the Lords Of Bacon sent you.

Now we need to investigate the rumors of the Ventura Bacon Donut

Thursday, September 3, 2009

International Bacon Day!

Shame on us! We could give a lot of excuses as to why we have been so remiss in this year's preparation for IBD. (This Saturday the 5th) But really, there is no excuse, its bacon's big day! We could blame work and home life and the fact that Darren is a quitter. But no! We are bad and should be punished (as long as said punishment is not a withholding of bacon, that's just cruel, whats the number for Amnesty International?).

That being said, I do intend to have a small celebration, 3 meals, all with bacon, and maybe some snacking bacon in between. I wonder if this kid will be celebrating?

Friday, August 7, 2009

The business of the Baconator

So Wendy's reported it's second quarter earnings or the Wendy's/Arby's Group to be more precise, and they made a little announcement about a future "premium" bacon cheeseburger. This brings up several questions; Does this mean that the "Baconator" is not a premium sandwich? (who knew?), will it be a burger with "premium" bacon rather than that awful stuff they have now? Why in the hell is Bacon Chris even aware of this?

Well its due out in October and it is supposed to compete with McDonald's over priced premium Anus Burgers. More expensive burgers... that's exactly what we need, but to be honest, if its good, I'll buy it, you will hear about it here. The CEO and President had this to say about the new burger, "juicier beef, improved bun (and) bacon cooked from scratch." So the current beef is not juicy? Greasy yes, but apparently not juicy enough. And well can anyone actually count the ways to improve a bun or as they are known at Wendy's "grease sponges"? AND bacon cooked from scratch..... do I want to know what its cooked from now or are they admitting that its just not cooked now?

And for those of you that care.... OK I know that's none of you Wendy's did rake in $615.2 million in revenues for the quarter. Man that is a lot of Baconators and Jr Bacon Chee's!

Lets hope they come up with a better name than "The Baconator Deluxe".

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Roll... Bacon Style

I added a blog roll to the right side there with all ofthe bacon blogs I subscribe to, sorted by most recent post. Am I missing one, or worse more than one?? Let us know in the comments.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bacon Burrito you say?

I enjoy a good burrito, but lets face it, it's not really something you would associate with bacon. Well those crazy kids over at Taco Bell have limited time snack for us baconistas, the Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito. I guess they are not content with Wendy's getting all the bacon mentions online.

Now I could go all bacon snob here and say how the bacon is of an inferior quality compared to good bacon. But its TACO BELL!!!... the best part of taco bell is they have Mountain Dew on tap and the drive thru is open late. No place for snobbery.

Of course the product doesn't match the picture, that's a given. For a fast food burrito it wasn't bad, every bite had enough bacony flavor that I did not feel ripped off. It wasn't over powered by sauce or other parts of the burrito. Not sure it is worth $3 but if I have the need for the taste of bacon wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, I would get this again.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bacon Geeks

I love bacon and I am a geek, or is it a nerd, I am one of those people that can't tell the difference. I think one is cool and one is not.... I am the cool one, yeah that's it.

Anyway, a couple of geeky things today, but not just geeky, geeky with a taste o' bacon.

There was the iPhone bacon case, now there is a matching case for your shuffle.
Not sure if a shuffle needs a case, but everything deserves to be wrapped in bacon. (Note to self, do not eat shuffle even when wrapped in bacon.)

I love Woot! I am not afraid to admit it, I got my first BoC in the last woot off, and I also like some of the shirts. Today's shirt is a glorious 8-bit bacon extravaganza. Go buy it now, as the price goes up at midnight and if it doesn't sell well its a one week only sort of thing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bacon Hangover

I saw that movie "The Hangover", and I only mention it as my friends have talked me into leaving for Vegas in a couple of hours. I will hopefully get some sort of awesome Vegas bacon action shots... (I think that consists of a buffet line with lots of bacon, not sure). Anyway, I wont be posting anything until after the return but maybe a twitpic? God I hope i don't have a memory lapse of bacon, that would be tragic!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bikes and bacon

In Madison Wisconsin they have a "Bike To Work Week" and while I think that is awesome in itself, one sponsor is making sure that there is a great reason to use the pedal power, BACON.

I love the line "Join us for soon-to-be-famous Planet Bike bacon..." I am pretty sure that being on Lords of Bacon doesn't make you famous, but we certainly salute you and everyone biking for bacon!

(original credit to a post by Bob Hague)

Why Bacon?

Its no secret that Bacon Jason and I love bacon, I mean we really love bacon. Its out there, people that know us, they know we are embracing the slow death by pork fat.

I get asked maybe not a lot but enough, "What do you love about bacon so much?" This is a very silly question to me, it is like asking "What do you like about sex so much?" and interestingly enough, both questions have the same answer: "Have you had it?!?!"

So allow me to turn the tables here, and ask you "So... whats up with you and bacon?" For the members of the bacon nation I am sure it's not an uncommon question, and I am sure you have one or two pat answers. Post em and lets see what they are.

Bacon Bits? Seriously?

I saw a play once, the premise being that this lobotomized person, "Lobo Tommy" could only repeat what was said to him, and in such, everyone found him to be a genius yadda yadda yadda. Sure it worked for the gardener, and for rain man, but that's Hollywood.

I am not sure if the person I was talking to was putting me on, an idiot savant, or just one of those uncomfortable socially creepy type of people. Yesterday this person is wandering around the cubicle farm where I work, and there was nobody else around. He looked lost, so I asked if he was looking for someone in particular, or could I help him. He stands there for a second and notices the screen saver on my Mac (a photo slide show of wonderful flickr bacon goodness) and asks "What's with the bacon?" I start to go into the short version of lords of bacon when i realize he isn't listening at all. He chimes in "I like bacon bits". So a little put off by his demeanor I say yeah bacon bits are good. Then with all the seriousness of someone that needs a bathroom asking where the closest one is, he asks "How do you make bacon bits?".....

How do you make bacon bits?!?!??! Is it me or is the name "bacon bits" also a pretty good description of the complex nature of the product. They are, ya know, bits of bacon. Maybe take some bacon... and chop it into bits? If this guy was playing me, he has the best poker face, I was trying to see a smirk or a snicker or any tell that would let me know he wasn't seriously overwhelmed by the complexity of bits of bacon. But I could find none, I turned back around and went back to work, and he wandered off. I asked someone else if he knew who he was later, and they said something about annoying....

Monday, June 8, 2009

RSS feeds, twitter, etc

I currently have over 30 RSS feeds on my igoogle bacon page. There is a lot of scrolling and figuring out what is new and what is stale. A lot of the blogs have twitter accounts. I have said it before, "I am not anti-social, I am anti-social networking". Bacon is the only reason I would ever consider joining twitter, and with that I succumb to "twitting"? Feel free to follow us, or don't. I will simply be posting links back to posts here, and following the bacon peeps in that corner of cyber-space. .... god I feel so dirty, I need a shower.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Zombies love bacon..

Believe it or not there are actually people that read this blog regularly AND don't read other bacon blogs!!!! (Thanks sis). Anyway I was talking about the bacon music video that features zombies and they had not seen it, and now I cant find the original post that I saw the video on, so my apologies for doing that repetitive thing i don't like... I give you "Bacon" the music video:

Also take a look at this great shirt design, I love it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Load up that iPod.....

The interwebs is a wonderful place, with lots of people doing their thing. You ever google your own name and see who else is out there running around with your moniker? In that vein I present an album that has probably the best name ever!!!
You can download or torrent your copy here, give it a "spin". I am going to listen to it while eating bacon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I couldn't have said it better Mr. Baconpants

So a doppelganger is a ghostly counterpart of oneself, what is it called if there is a flesh and blood counterpart? They are in my head at Mr. Baconpants, this has happened a few times on a few blogs about bacon, with the specificness of the topic there is bound to be similar posts. Over at Mr. Baconpants they are talking about Wendy's new bacon, and it is amazing how they have put the very thoughts in my head into their post. I don't like to put up info that has already been posted elsewhere, makes for a lot of redundant reading, so just read the post there. Wendy's equals bacon fail... again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wasn't us, we swear!

If you haven't checked out F My Life, it can be an entertaining read, I even have the iPhone app.

Bacon Jason and I can totally understand this post, but it was not us. We are fans, fanatics even, but neither of us has had "The Bacon Dream".

Just wanted to be on record with that.

Spittin Bacon.

Do you like sunflower seeds?  Well we all know bacon makes everything better, the folks at BIGS Sunflower seeds have partnered up with our old friends at J&D and voila Sizzlin Bacon Seeds!  I can't wait to try these, you can order some for yourself here.  Love their tag line "Anything + bacon = awesome!"  True... true...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

La La La La La....

Well it isn't John Lennon... but yes.. I can imagine it, can you?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Snake 'N' Bacon

New on Adult Swim....

This was originally a comic book, does it make me a nerd that I knew that?

Healthy Living....

That may seem like an odd title for a post on a blog about bacon. Bacon Jason and I have spouted the wonderful health benefits to anyone within earshot for a long time, most think we are crazy. We think that they are just sheep that believe anything the poultry and beef conglomerates tell them, but this is no time for conspiracy scientific theories.

Well its not just us bacon loving lords any more. Checkout Bon Appetit's slide show on "surprising" healthy foods. Whats that on slide one....? Bacon?!? (wasn't a surprise to us here at LoB). Monounsaturated baby... that's the good kind.

I was fully with it until they said "Of course, moderation is key here...." Had me... then ya lost me. I mean if someone was gonna give you a million dollars do you stop them at $10,000 because you want to be moderate? When your woman says "No its all about you, lay back and enjoy this" do you stop her part way through and say "That's a moderate amount.. I'm good, you can stop". Yeah, me neither. Last I checked, you only got one go around in life, and its far to short to deprive oneself of bacon, moderation be damned.

OK any of my friends that print this up and bring it to me in the hospital after some sort of coronary, or worse to my funeral if the old ticker stops ticking....... that's pretty damn funny.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bacon: Live!

I wish I was going to be in NYC this June.  There is going to be a little show at Joe's Pub entitled Mysteries Of The Unexplained: BACON!  I ask you, how can you go wrong with that?!?

Show description:

Mike Daisey returns to Joe’s Pub with a one-night orgy of all things bacon: from sizzling fat to swine flu, from baco-bits to Hasids to Charlotte’s Web. In one delicious hour we’ll explore bacon in all its filthy, gorgeous deliciousness. 

Note: Bacon will be cooked and served by the performer during the performance. 

I would show up just for the bacon!  Add to it that Mike Daisey gives great monologue and you got an evening to be remembered.   I really hope someone goes to this and can give us a review. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mmmm Meat and Potatoes

I have always been a meat and potatoes kind of guy. So I am very excited by this new product:

Bakon Vodka!

Now they spell bacon with a k and I am hoping that it is for trademarking purposes, not because it is some artificial bacon like krab is to crab meat. The bottle also reads "A Premium Bacon Flavored Vodka", I suppose that could be taken to mean a premium vodka that is bacon flavored, or the way I want to take it, a vodka flavored with premium bacon.

We are going to have to find a bottle of this like right away and give it a taste or twenty and let you all know how it turns out. It is only available in the northwest, anybody up for shipping us a bottle??

Check out the site there are some great recipe ideas, you can also sign up to find out when it hits your zip code.

I gotta see if I have any old friends in Seattle...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guidance for H1N1 diagnosis..

A lot of people are worried about the swine flu. Despite the scientific information provided here yesterday.

Well the googles are your friend and now if you really need to know...

Your welcome.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flu Prevention

I am sure that I read this on the interwebs somewhere, therefore it MUST be true, and probably has a ton of science behind it.  Swine Flu is the latest buzz, with the scare tactic news organizations having a field day hyping the end of the world or some similar hysteria.  Fear not!  Apparently if you eat a lot of bacon, and no i don't mean 4 strips at breakfast instead of 2, but A LOT of bacon, like the lords of bacon do, it will give your body a natural immunity to the swine flu.  I can only speak for us, and I can attest that neither Bacon Jason or I have any symptoms, we'll keep you posted.

(Disclaimer: If you have died from the swine flu we apologize if this seemed insensitive, if you are sick with the swine flu, please stay home and get better)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wearable Bacon

Here is a link to some bacon jewelery, I know what my woman is getting for our anniversary!

My question is.. where are they wearing that bracelet in the picture, around the elbow? Or is that the back of a knee?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its Science!!!!!!

I recall a story about scientists in the UK creating a formula for the perfect bacon sandwich, and now from the UK, scientific evidence of a bacon related hangover cure.  So remember before you tie one on, make sure you got a rasher of bacon in the fridge for the morning after.  

Shout outs to Nik for pointing me to a fantasticly named blog where this story was posted.
Pork and Whiskey   I ask you , does it get better than that?  Sounds like a better version of one of my Alice Cooper albums.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A different sort of squeeze....

Hope everyone had a great April Fools Day. I tried for a bag o' crap, but alas still not a winner. Our friend Tim pointed us to another 04/01 bacon special, the bacon lube, it must have slipped past us the other day.... (pun intended).

Lets see... 'makin bacon' joke? nahhhh, too easy. Its labeled J&D's whose items are all kosher.... circumcision joke? no.. to far of a stretch. sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, not gonna spoil it by trying to name them all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The most tedious day on "the googles".....

You may or may not understand what I mean by the title of the post, rest assured, it is today. While you are pondering that, be sure to head over and get some Squeez Bacon® it is almost as good as the instant bacon (review coming soon). Speaking of that if anyone thinks hiding my instant bacon or my Baconnaise is funny...... it is not. Well at least not creative. Have fun out there, and remember, don't be a sucka.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wish my iPhone had a smell feature...

I have a bacon wallpaper on my iPhone, so any time I get the urge I can whip it out and BAM!!! pocket bacon! Well that just doesn't cut it anymore. XenonOfArcticus sent us a link to an app that I honestly cant believe wasn't done sooner. Pocket Bacon for your iPhone.

Pick your pan, slap down some bacon and it fries right up. But lest you think that is all it does, hold the phone, you have a location based bacon finder for bacon serving restaurants near you. But wait, there's more! An RSS reader that pulls in the latest bacon related news.

So if you love bacon and you have an iPhone, you should probably pick up this application. Its $2 bucks and you can get it right here. (iTunes link)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Playing catch up.....

So while we were away, there was some sort of "Bacon Explosion"? I got like 157 emails to this while I was out so I was super psyched to finally get a chance to check it out. Man was I dissapointed, anyone else think if you are gonna call it Bacon Explosion, maybe you use some ground up bacon? But to their credit they do call it "The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes" Its nice they took sausage and made it better, they added bacon, that's a no brainer. But it did raise the underlying bacon consciousness when it went viral, so that has its merits. One of the guys at work (thanks for keeping my job available while I was 'away' btw... pays to simply work for bacon, more on that in a minute) made one of these, and said he enjoyed it, I asked what the best part was.... yes, the bacon.

So speaking of "working for bacon" apparently someone was so enspired by the sausage explosion, err I mean that BBQ bacon dealio that they want to open a bacon themed restaurant. A friend snapped this pic recently while at lunch. And its an actual site, this gentleman, Dru Morgan, a guy with obviously good taste is trying to 'crowd-fund' the whole shebang. Great news is it is apparently in my neck of the woods. So that is one place I could eat at all the time, I wish him the best of luck, and if I did facebook, I might even "add him" or whatever it is you do on those super fun social networks. Bacon Jason and I had this very idea many many times, not the crowd funding but the bacon restaurant, so there are two loyal customers. I dont do the facebook but count me in for $50 and save me a spot at the baconbar.

Another thing that is I guess you could say 'viral' or at least making the rounds is a photoblog that has lots of pictures of various food... "oddities"? "creations"? "fantasies made into reality"? what ever they are, the websites name says it all: its is worth scanning through the back pages of submissions as there are some truly fantastic bacon related items in there, in fact I think the first post was a shot of the marvelously magical Baconnaise. Bacon Jason and I are abut to order our second case, yes case C-A-S-E, bacon dipped in baconnaise is.. well you can imagine, its heavenly. Our only complaint, its bacon flavored, without the bacon, its completely kosher!!! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if they can make creamy bacon goodness WITHOUT bacon, my god!!!!! can you imagine if bacon was on the ingredient list???!?!?!?!?!

Well I am sure there is plenty of stuff we have missed, look for a more frequent posting patern as Jason and I continue our baconquest, and no matter how funny it sounds over a bottle of scotch, we will not be assaulting anyone (else) with bacon taken mysteriously out of our pants, its staying put. I don't mean in our pants there is no bacon in our pants, but the first part, about keeping our bacon to ourselves, on our plates. Well thats not true either not on our plates as it is never there for to long cuz we eat it. OK worst allegory ever.

Sweet Freedom, smells like bacon!

So, you ever hear about those animal lovers that throw the red paint on people that wear fur? Ya know what you don't hear about is what happens after, like being arrested, incarcerated, etc. So imagine if you say wanted to get the word out about sayyy something tasty??? Let's say bacon, for instance. And perhaps you had heard about the first part, but maybe not the consequences. The lawyers said we shouldn't really go into any detail here on the blog, but did you know that "assault" does NOT have to be with a deadly weapon?? Me niether. Did you also know that the county lockup has no WiFi? Its like prison in there. AND... you can NOT have bacon for all your meals, even if you state religious beliefs? Its like the theme song to "Baretta", if you cant do the time..... but seriously kids, "stay in school".

Any way, after a prolonged absence and our charitable work in the service of the state, we are back, and ready for more bacon goodness.

stay tuned.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bacon for the first time

I will never forget the day. I won't ever be able to forget the time of day it was. It was one of those moments that you don't think would happen to you in your lifetime.
It was like meeting a doctor who gives you a prescription for Bacon. It was like a presidential candidate coming out on national television with his wife and admitting just how much they love Bacon ( I heard it happened on Oprah ). It was like having a Bacon salad for an appetizer, then having a BLT and substituting more B for the L and the T and smothering the toast with Baconaisse and then having Bacon cheesecake for dessert.
I was actually shopping when it happened. I was strolling down aisle 6 at my local Costo and asked my wife if we had enough Bacon at home or if we needed some more and my 16 month old son who was happily sitting in the shopping cart talking to some baby carrots looked up at me with love in his eyes, and with the biggest 'I will make my Daddy so proud smile', said for the very first time....."Bacon".
It is a moment that will echo in my heart forever.....
I had to look up and blink rapidly and as I did so, I spied some instant Bacon - but more on that later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

No more "soggy" bacon...

Apparently crispy is the key......