Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flu Prevention

I am sure that I read this on the interwebs somewhere, therefore it MUST be true, and probably has a ton of science behind it.  Swine Flu is the latest buzz, with the scare tactic news organizations having a field day hyping the end of the world or some similar hysteria.  Fear not!  Apparently if you eat a lot of bacon, and no i don't mean 4 strips at breakfast instead of 2, but A LOT of bacon, like the lords of bacon do, it will give your body a natural immunity to the swine flu.  I can only speak for us, and I can attest that neither Bacon Jason or I have any symptoms, we'll keep you posted.

(Disclaimer: If you have died from the swine flu we apologize if this seemed insensitive, if you are sick with the swine flu, please stay home and get better)

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