Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wearable Bacon

Here is a link to some bacon jewelery, I know what my woman is getting for our anniversary!

My question is.. where are they wearing that bracelet in the picture, around the elbow? Or is that the back of a knee?


Jill said...

Gee, now you took the surprise and excitement out of guessing what my anniversary present would possibly be!....Since I'm getting a bacon bracelet, perhaps, I should look for a bra with cups that look like two sunnyside up eggs; or perhaps, I should just strategically place an actual sunnyside up egg on top of each breast??? xoxoxo

metalchick666 said...

That definitely a wrist. Bottom left is the arm and top right is the hand. Cool bracelet too.

zenpenguin said...

actually, this thread just came up on the page of google hits for sodalak's, but while i'm here... i might as well suggest a compromise before you settle for eggs.

happy anniversary. :)