Friday, September 26, 2008

Cats or Dogs?

I think cats are cute, but admittedly I am a dog kind of guy.  

One thing cats have going for them is they can't eat as much of your bacon as a big fluffy dog.  A friend of the LoB is working with a no kill shelter and is trying to find homes for cats, you can checke tem out here. Hmm a cat named "Bacon" or "Sir Sizzle-a-lot".  

If you are in the market for a pet please visit any of the links on the video site or go to

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Building Blocks of the Universe

Our friend Nik sent in this item, note the first element on the table, yes, BACON.

BTW: Not being one to argue with science like this, but I have no idea how 113 wound up where it is on this table.  I'd make it top 5 at least, but I am no scientist.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mando's Famous Bacon Peppers

Here at LoB we had a friend Armando, that worked with us.  You may remember him from the "Weight of Heaven" post, he was the one with the slicer.  Any time we have a potluck we could count on Mando to bring in these fabulous treats, they were always one of the first things to be gone.  Mando is no longer in our space, having moved on to greener pastures.  But the demand for his famous bacon wrapped peppers remains.  He was good enough to send over the details on this surprisingly simple to fix appetizer.


(1) container of cream cheese
(1) 1 package of bacon


1. slice the jalapeno (about 1' girth) without breaking the jalapenos (be gentle on the Jalapeno)
2. spoon out the seeds
3. stuff the cream cheese in the crack of the jalapeno
4. wrap the bacon around the juicy jalapeno

Cooking Instructions:

Pre-heat oven at 350. Place the jalapenos on a flat cookie sheet and cook for about 30-45 minutes until the bacon looks cooked. You want the bacon to be a little crispy.

Thanks Mando!

I wonder how this would be with Bacon Freaks Jalapeno Bacon?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday is Bacon On Stuff day

I doubt anyone out there remembers our radio show from back in the 70s, but if you do, you know that Friday was always the day we would wrap foods in bacon, or sprinkle bacon chunks on things, basically try out new ways to consume bacon. Well those days are gone, but Bacon Jason and I have never really given up our constant thinking of new ways to eat bacon, we just don't relegate it to Fridays anymore.

So what we will do on Friday's now is do a quick synopsis of the week's adventures in bacon. I can pretty much promise that we won't get to this every Friday, but I can promise we will keep trying new bacon concoctions. Pretty much everyone knows the answer to our favorite question, some may even dread those eight words we love to say, "You know what would be good on that?" Everyone say it with me...... "BACON!"

So this week we had an idea that we didn't get to, yet and we had a few contributions, all in all a kind of slow bacon week. But here is what we had. Everyone knows what butter or margarine is, its basically salted fat/oil. Bacon butter is just that, you strain your bacon drippings into a jar and while it isn't a pretty yellow color, it is a tasty greasy substitute for any place you might use butter or margarine.

We work in an office now (sold out to the man, but hey it keeps bacon on the table) so it wasn't feasible to try out the first idea this week. You have an artichoke, its steamed and normally you dip the leaves in melted garlic butter.... well replace butter with bacon butter and enjoy. If anyone gets to this before I get to a store and get an artichoke, please let us know how it turned out, it sounds yummy to us.

On the bacon butter front, toast. That's right a little dab will do ya and before you go "oh gross" remember that butter you put on your toast now is just salted milk fats. This just tastes better. Mmmm toasty!

Our friend Darren wrapped his Twix bar with bacon this week. There has been a lot of buzz in the media recently about chocolate dipped bacon and chocolate and bacon is an old favorite here at LoB. Well since he was trying it I promptly dove in with my own Twix and bacon. It was good, heck it had bacon on it, but not sure if it was not enough bacon or the flavor not mixing well with the caramel, it was just OK. Perhaps it was the distraction of the cookie crunch, in any case I like the Butterfinger wrapped in bacon a little more.

Another friend Rick, had a nice juicy pear when we thought hmmm pear slice.... bacon. Bacon wrapped pear slices are quite tasty, the pear is cool and sweet, mixed with the warm crispness of the salty bacon. I always enjoy those taste juxtapositions. I will definitely be putting more bacon on my next pear.

Yesterday I had a piece of double fudge chocolate cake. Again with the chocolate and bacon, I wish I could have put bacon chunks right into the cake itself, but since this was bought by the slice, strips on top of the icing had to suffice. Always an excellent choice.

So whatever you are about to eat today..... You know what would be good on that?

Oh and lest I forget what day it is I found this little post here to go with the theme.

Arrrgh Bacon!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bacon at The Fratellis.. Represent!

So have you ever been to a concert and they have those screens up flashing ads etc?  Well last night my bacon-free (read vegetarian) offspring and I went to The Wiltern to see a show consisting of Electric Touch, The Airborne Toxic Event, and The Fratellis.  This isnt a music blog so I will sum it all up as a great show.  Anyway back to the bacon, they had a screen showing ads and a crawl along the bottom displaying txt messages from the crowd.  If you went in one you were entered to win a prize or something.  Also after several minutes of sponsored comercials they would do a slide show of pictures sent in from the crowd.

So I had to represent.  I have several bacon photos stored on my "jesusphone" ya know, in case of emergency.  I chose the bacon background one as it had the most BPP (bacon per pixel).  I also sent several "bacon" txt messages.  I only saw one of the TXT crawl slowly across the screen... BACON IS THE BEST!!!  I'm not positive but I could of sworn I heard a "whoo hoo" somewhere in the crowd, but it probably wasn't related.  The bacon picture came up several times during the evening.  It sucessfully made me hungry and wish they were serving cups of bacon rather than hot dogs and pretzels.  They should sell bacon as a snack food, at the movies, ball games, street corners... it would be huge I'm telling ya.

Anyway, if you are ever at a concert and they have a screen like this, and you see bacon txt or pix that you didnt send, there is a good chance one of the Lords of Bacon is also there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pimp My Pasta!

So to make pasta, you boil water, its pretty much that simple, boil, add some sauce, BAM! you got dinner.  But sometimes, even that is just too much work.  Pizza (Pasta) Hut would like you to believe that their 3 pound tub o noodles is fancy restaurant quality fare.  Its just noodles, and if you are like me (lazy) the idea of not having to boil water, or do much more than click order now, well that's all the appeal I needed.  The now have a "premium" bacon mac and cheese option.  Bacon Jason and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to pimp our pasta!

Here is the "stock" Pasta Hut Delivery option, lots of bacon sprinkled on top... looks good.

But I am thinking.. "It's just on the top, and well you can see a lot of noodles"....

So we fired up some "instant bacon"  (review coming soon)

this is all the smaller "bits o' bacon" really should be, and we had to make a couple platefuls, one was NOT enough.

So we added a bunch and BOOM!

Look you can barely see the pasta, now THATS how to do Mac and Cheese.

We stirred it in, and got a great 1:1 BTB (bacon to bite) ratio.

The pasta was mediocre, not horrible, I am sure I will be lazy enough to order it again.  Just have to add more bacon.