Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday is Bacon On Stuff day

I doubt anyone out there remembers our radio show from back in the 70s, but if you do, you know that Friday was always the day we would wrap foods in bacon, or sprinkle bacon chunks on things, basically try out new ways to consume bacon. Well those days are gone, but Bacon Jason and I have never really given up our constant thinking of new ways to eat bacon, we just don't relegate it to Fridays anymore.

So what we will do on Friday's now is do a quick synopsis of the week's adventures in bacon. I can pretty much promise that we won't get to this every Friday, but I can promise we will keep trying new bacon concoctions. Pretty much everyone knows the answer to our favorite question, some may even dread those eight words we love to say, "You know what would be good on that?" Everyone say it with me...... "BACON!"

So this week we had an idea that we didn't get to, yet and we had a few contributions, all in all a kind of slow bacon week. But here is what we had. Everyone knows what butter or margarine is, its basically salted fat/oil. Bacon butter is just that, you strain your bacon drippings into a jar and while it isn't a pretty yellow color, it is a tasty greasy substitute for any place you might use butter or margarine.

We work in an office now (sold out to the man, but hey it keeps bacon on the table) so it wasn't feasible to try out the first idea this week. You have an artichoke, its steamed and normally you dip the leaves in melted garlic butter.... well replace butter with bacon butter and enjoy. If anyone gets to this before I get to a store and get an artichoke, please let us know how it turned out, it sounds yummy to us.

On the bacon butter front, toast. That's right a little dab will do ya and before you go "oh gross" remember that butter you put on your toast now is just salted milk fats. This just tastes better. Mmmm toasty!

Our friend Darren wrapped his Twix bar with bacon this week. There has been a lot of buzz in the media recently about chocolate dipped bacon and chocolate and bacon is an old favorite here at LoB. Well since he was trying it I promptly dove in with my own Twix and bacon. It was good, heck it had bacon on it, but not sure if it was not enough bacon or the flavor not mixing well with the caramel, it was just OK. Perhaps it was the distraction of the cookie crunch, in any case I like the Butterfinger wrapped in bacon a little more.

Another friend Rick, had a nice juicy pear when we thought hmmm pear slice.... bacon. Bacon wrapped pear slices are quite tasty, the pear is cool and sweet, mixed with the warm crispness of the salty bacon. I always enjoy those taste juxtapositions. I will definitely be putting more bacon on my next pear.

Yesterday I had a piece of double fudge chocolate cake. Again with the chocolate and bacon, I wish I could have put bacon chunks right into the cake itself, but since this was bought by the slice, strips on top of the icing had to suffice. Always an excellent choice.

So whatever you are about to eat today..... You know what would be good on that?

Oh and lest I forget what day it is I found this little post here to go with the theme.

Arrrgh Bacon!!

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