Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bacon at The Fratellis.. Represent!

So have you ever been to a concert and they have those screens up flashing ads etc?  Well last night my bacon-free (read vegetarian) offspring and I went to The Wiltern to see a show consisting of Electric Touch, The Airborne Toxic Event, and The Fratellis.  This isnt a music blog so I will sum it all up as a great show.  Anyway back to the bacon, they had a screen showing ads and a crawl along the bottom displaying txt messages from the crowd.  If you went in one you were entered to win a prize or something.  Also after several minutes of sponsored comercials they would do a slide show of pictures sent in from the crowd.

So I had to represent.  I have several bacon photos stored on my "jesusphone" ya know, in case of emergency.  I chose the bacon background one as it had the most BPP (bacon per pixel).  I also sent several "bacon" txt messages.  I only saw one of the TXT crawl slowly across the screen... BACON IS THE BEST!!!  I'm not positive but I could of sworn I heard a "whoo hoo" somewhere in the crowd, but it probably wasn't related.  The bacon picture came up several times during the evening.  It sucessfully made me hungry and wish they were serving cups of bacon rather than hot dogs and pretzels.  They should sell bacon as a snack food, at the movies, ball games, street corners... it would be huge I'm telling ya.

Anyway, if you are ever at a concert and they have a screen like this, and you see bacon txt or pix that you didnt send, there is a good chance one of the Lords of Bacon is also there.


Jaime G. said...

Rock on bacon bro. LOL.

Jill said...

"Nobody Does It Better;" You give the best...subliminal messages around, baby. :)

issovia said...

The Fratellis discography & Lyrics:
Great Music!!!!