Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pimp My Pasta!

So to make pasta, you boil water, its pretty much that simple, boil, add some sauce, BAM! you got dinner.  But sometimes, even that is just too much work.  Pizza (Pasta) Hut would like you to believe that their 3 pound tub o noodles is fancy restaurant quality fare.  Its just noodles, and if you are like me (lazy) the idea of not having to boil water, or do much more than click order now, well that's all the appeal I needed.  The now have a "premium" bacon mac and cheese option.  Bacon Jason and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to pimp our pasta!

Here is the "stock" Pasta Hut Delivery option, lots of bacon sprinkled on top... looks good.

But I am thinking.. "It's just on the top, and well you can see a lot of noodles"....

So we fired up some "instant bacon"  (review coming soon)

this is all the smaller "bits o' bacon" really should be, and we had to make a couple platefuls, one was NOT enough.

So we added a bunch and BOOM!

Look you can barely see the pasta, now THATS how to do Mac and Cheese.

We stirred it in, and got a great 1:1 BTB (bacon to bite) ratio.

The pasta was mediocre, not horrible, I am sure I will be lazy enough to order it again.  Just have to add more bacon.  

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