Thursday, August 28, 2008

International Bacon Day is almost here

As I am sure you all know Saturday is International Bacon Day.

You know the popular image of waking up to the smell of frying bacon, well that is to IBD as the image of kids creeping down the stairs on Christmas morning is to that holiday. Family gathers around the table for a great meal, much in the way families gather around a roasted turkey on Thanksgiving. My sister is traveling out from her crappy state to the beautiful location I live so we can celebrate IBD as a family. Its one of those special holidays that creates cherished memories... gimme a minute I am all choked up. OK

Hallmark doesn't appear to have any cards, I am guessing they are working on the technology to be able to have actual bacon inside the card when you open it. Man that would be great.

We will post some pictures from this years celebration next week, feel free to comment with what your plans are for International Bacon Day.


Alexa said...

Seeing the need, I uploaded some of my photos onto redbubble for cards.

I don't know how to get them to print with a Happy IBD greeting. I hope this helps you spread the wonderful joy of this Bacon Season - Lex

Jill said...
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Jill said...

I'll cook you better pasta than this any day of the week, and I'll even add more bacon, baby! :)