Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bacon Cheesecake......

This beautiful Bacon creation made its debut on May 15th, 2008. It was so delectable that I was nearly speechless and typeless until this very day. I had visions of this for quite some time and one fateful night I happened to have the one known only as 'Fred' over for dinner.

We had finger food for an appetizer. Freshly cooked Bacon that was perfectly prepared - firm, yet tender, just shy of crispy.
I grilled some tri-tip and Bacon and my wife prepared a crispy, tasty salad - of course with Bacon.
Now this was all delicious and Very satisfying, but we all knew that the desert would be the 'coup de grace'.
Now, at first I attempted to make the dish with a 1 to 1 ratio of Bacon slices to cheesecake slices. With the strawberries, blueberries, chocolate syrup and the cheesecake, there was just not enough Bacon flavor coming through.
Fred jumped in and aided in the crumbling of the bacon and we each used a minimum of 2 slices of Bacon per slice of cheesecake ( this will vary by individual - Bacon to taste ).
THIS was the critical factor that made even non-Bacoterians like my wife ( Fred is an honorary Bacoterian when he visits - 100 mile rule ) fall in love with the irresistible combination of smoky, salty Bacon with rich cheesecake, fresh fruit and a hint of chocolate!


Alexa said...

This looks amazing. Desert has always been the hardest thing to get on Bacon Day. We did an bacon apple strudel once that was really good, but nothing else has come close to being really good yet (In my opinion, the Bacon boys might disagree). I was wondering if I could get the recipe. Thanks Alexa and the Bacon Boys

Bacon Chris said...

This was a Bacon Jason creation, as soon as he gets back from looking for bacon in Boston, I'll remind him to send you the details.

enchong said...
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