Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monday Night in Bakersfield

I know that headline just jumps out at you and says "WOW, I wish I lived that jet set lifestyle". So I find my self in the lovely city of Bakersfield one Monday night, why? well for all the small things really. But what you really want to know is is there bacon goodness to be had? And I am here to tell you, yes there is... in spades.

So lets say you are having some pancakes or waffles for breakfast, some people, I like to call them insane, don't like if the maple syrup gets on their bacon. Its a sweet and salty blending of flavors that has been great for as long as they have been tapping trees for the stuff. Now imagine Maple flavored ice cream... I'll give you a second. Now smooth creamy all the sweetness of maple sugar candy..... and BAM!!! BACON!

That's right Maple Bacon ice cream, and this is no skimpy bits 'o bacon in order to qualify for a meme, this is chunks of the stuff, smokey and good, enveloped in a mapley ice cream blanket of love. Yes of love! This stuff is the bomb! I think anyone with an even modest taste for bacon should give this a try. Get past the "it's ice cream, that's weird" and enjoy this sweet treat.

Where you might ask? The Moo Creamery in Bakersfield, I now have a reason to wish that Bakersfield wasn't 2 hours away. This place is in a little industrial park and I can't tell you if its out of the way or not as its the first place I went in Bakersfield. It was easy to find. They have an assortment of homemade gourmet ice creams that I can only imagine are as awesome as the maple bacon, the other food looked good, but all I wanted was the ice cream. That's right I had ice cream for dinner and it didn't ruin my appetite.... for more bacon! I do wish I had tried the Guinness Float but I was the DD. The staff was super friendly and offered up samples and were very nice. If you find your self with an empty place in your stomach and within distance of this establishment... go! Tell em the Lords Of Bacon sent you.

Now we need to investigate the rumors of the Ventura Bacon Donut

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Ventura bacon donut :P~