Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweet Freedom, smells like bacon!

So, you ever hear about those animal lovers that throw the red paint on people that wear fur? Ya know what you don't hear about is what happens after, like being arrested, incarcerated, etc. So imagine if you say wanted to get the word out about sayyy something tasty??? Let's say bacon, for instance. And perhaps you had heard about the first part, but maybe not the consequences. The lawyers said we shouldn't really go into any detail here on the blog, but did you know that "assault" does NOT have to be with a deadly weapon?? Me niether. Did you also know that the county lockup has no WiFi? Its like prison in there. AND... you can NOT have bacon for all your meals, even if you state religious beliefs? Its like the theme song to "Baretta", if you cant do the time..... but seriously kids, "stay in school".

Any way, after a prolonged absence and our charitable work in the service of the state, we are back, and ready for more bacon goodness.

stay tuned.

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