Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wish my iPhone had a smell feature...

I have a bacon wallpaper on my iPhone, so any time I get the urge I can whip it out and BAM!!! pocket bacon! Well that just doesn't cut it anymore. XenonOfArcticus sent us a link to an app that I honestly cant believe wasn't done sooner. Pocket Bacon for your iPhone.

Pick your pan, slap down some bacon and it fries right up. But lest you think that is all it does, hold the phone, you have a location based bacon finder for bacon serving restaurants near you. But wait, there's more! An RSS reader that pulls in the latest bacon related news.

So if you love bacon and you have an iPhone, you should probably pick up this application. Its $2 bucks and you can get it right here. (iTunes link)

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