Friday, March 27, 2009

Playing catch up.....

So while we were away, there was some sort of "Bacon Explosion"? I got like 157 emails to this while I was out so I was super psyched to finally get a chance to check it out. Man was I dissapointed, anyone else think if you are gonna call it Bacon Explosion, maybe you use some ground up bacon? But to their credit they do call it "The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes" Its nice they took sausage and made it better, they added bacon, that's a no brainer. But it did raise the underlying bacon consciousness when it went viral, so that has its merits. One of the guys at work (thanks for keeping my job available while I was 'away' btw... pays to simply work for bacon, more on that in a minute) made one of these, and said he enjoyed it, I asked what the best part was.... yes, the bacon.

So speaking of "working for bacon" apparently someone was so enspired by the sausage explosion, err I mean that BBQ bacon dealio that they want to open a bacon themed restaurant. A friend snapped this pic recently while at lunch. And its an actual site, this gentleman, Dru Morgan, a guy with obviously good taste is trying to 'crowd-fund' the whole shebang. Great news is it is apparently in my neck of the woods. So that is one place I could eat at all the time, I wish him the best of luck, and if I did facebook, I might even "add him" or whatever it is you do on those super fun social networks. Bacon Jason and I had this very idea many many times, not the crowd funding but the bacon restaurant, so there are two loyal customers. I dont do the facebook but count me in for $50 and save me a spot at the baconbar.

Another thing that is I guess you could say 'viral' or at least making the rounds is a photoblog that has lots of pictures of various food... "oddities"? "creations"? "fantasies made into reality"? what ever they are, the websites name says it all: its is worth scanning through the back pages of submissions as there are some truly fantastic bacon related items in there, in fact I think the first post was a shot of the marvelously magical Baconnaise. Bacon Jason and I are abut to order our second case, yes case C-A-S-E, bacon dipped in baconnaise is.. well you can imagine, its heavenly. Our only complaint, its bacon flavored, without the bacon, its completely kosher!!! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if they can make creamy bacon goodness WITHOUT bacon, my god!!!!! can you imagine if bacon was on the ingredient list???!?!?!?!?!

Well I am sure there is plenty of stuff we have missed, look for a more frequent posting patern as Jason and I continue our baconquest, and no matter how funny it sounds over a bottle of scotch, we will not be assaulting anyone (else) with bacon taken mysteriously out of our pants, its staying put. I don't mean in our pants there is no bacon in our pants, but the first part, about keeping our bacon to ourselves, on our plates. Well thats not true either not on our plates as it is never there for to long cuz we eat it. OK worst allegory ever.


XenonOfArcticus said...

Welcome back, my Lords. Dost thou have an iPhone?

Bacon Chris said...

I believe a pocket bacon specific post is in order, since not everyone reads the comments. :)