Friday, June 5, 2009

Zombies love bacon..

Believe it or not there are actually people that read this blog regularly AND don't read other bacon blogs!!!! (Thanks sis). Anyway I was talking about the bacon music video that features zombies and they had not seen it, and now I cant find the original post that I saw the video on, so my apologies for doing that repetitive thing i don't like... I give you "Bacon" the music video:

Also take a look at this great shirt design, I love it!


bacon said...

Ha Ha, very funny video.

Yours in bacon,

Bacon said...

Ah yes, I saw this a few days ago on "the official" BFF fansite BFF, Bacon and Zombie's collide and things get odd? Nope, not for the Lords! Thanks for the good cheer, guys. ~b