Friday, May 15, 2009

Healthy Living....

That may seem like an odd title for a post on a blog about bacon. Bacon Jason and I have spouted the wonderful health benefits to anyone within earshot for a long time, most think we are crazy. We think that they are just sheep that believe anything the poultry and beef conglomerates tell them, but this is no time for conspiracy scientific theories.

Well its not just us bacon loving lords any more. Checkout Bon Appetit's slide show on "surprising" healthy foods. Whats that on slide one....? Bacon?!? (wasn't a surprise to us here at LoB). Monounsaturated baby... that's the good kind.

I was fully with it until they said "Of course, moderation is key here...." Had me... then ya lost me. I mean if someone was gonna give you a million dollars do you stop them at $10,000 because you want to be moderate? When your woman says "No its all about you, lay back and enjoy this" do you stop her part way through and say "That's a moderate amount.. I'm good, you can stop". Yeah, me neither. Last I checked, you only got one go around in life, and its far to short to deprive oneself of bacon, moderation be damned.

OK any of my friends that print this up and bring it to me in the hospital after some sort of coronary, or worse to my funeral if the old ticker stops ticking....... that's pretty damn funny.

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