Saturday, December 5, 2009

I guess 140 just isnt enough sometimes?

So we occasionally twat, or twit, or tweet, whatever it is, usually just a link back to a post here. The other day Carl's Jr begins following us. We love ourselves some western bacon cheeseburger action, especially if it has been "pimped". We were excited, CJ's has an interest in bacon, righteous.

The Six Dollar Burger collectors series is pretty good for something you can get without ever leaving your car. I think it has stepped up the burger game, just look at the chains playing catch up with their Angus deluxe offerings. One could say that because of Carl's Jr's foray into a premium burger option, fast food burger options have improved almost across the board.

With that in mind I twatted (sp?) a message out to Carl's Jr asking when they were going to do the same for fast food bacon? Lets admit it, fast food bacon generally sucks. McDonald's is proud of their slop charging 99¢ for a bacon upgrade. Taco Bell will add bacon to any item for 50¢, but its bits not strips. Wendy's I fear is leading the way (in marketing at least) with their new "better bacon". The market is ripe for a bacon improvement, much in the same way CJ's stormed the market of bland burgers with their premium option.

Now admittedly, I am not sure what sort of response I was expecting, and I realize its probably just an intern earning credit. But somehow the response still caught me off guard.

"@lordsofbacon You can add #bacon to any @CarlsJr burger! It's already on a bunch of them, but u can never have too much #bacon."


Really? I can get bacon on a burger at Carl's Jr?

I eat there once a week at least, this is great news, all this time I have been suffering with bacon less burgers. </sarcasm>

I guess the whole I love your burgers, you changed the industry love I have for them and the desire for them or heck any fast food chain to show Wendy's how it should be done when it comes to improving the bacon options for us all vibe is simply not something conveyed in 140 characters or less.

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dmob said...

You find out what CJ's charges for the bacon add-on and how many strips they dish out?