Friday, July 18, 2008

Ode to Chris and his Bacon

My dear friend Jaime is not fond of my bacon lifestyle, but accepts it. It really is all I talk about some days, it inspired her to write this little poem.

E.coli on my lettuce,
Salmonilla on my tomatoes,
Oh pray, what is next to come?
Parasites on my potatoes?

But alas there is one,
Who makes life so complete;
Not a veggie or a fruit,
But the king of all that is meat.

This is my ode to bacon,
Although I hate it so,
It has captured my friend Chris
In it's marble striped cloak.

He buys his bacon by the pound
And on his plate a mound so high,
For his bacon he has much love,
A great love that money CAN buy.

A love that reaches far beyond taste,
With bacon trinkets and doodads galore;
Bacon toys, bacon floss, bacon this, bacon that;
A bacon carpet even adorns his floor.

An expert in the bacon field,
And a self proclaimed critic of the divine meat.
With his blog about bacon,
He even declared "bacon domain" for this week.

No one can compete with this love for bacon,
And bacoterian is how he defines his race.
So much does he feel akin to this fare,
Not for any other meat could his love misplace.

This is my ode to bacon,
Although I hate it so,
But so much to I care for my dear "Bacon Chris"
That out of much love, my respect for his bacon, I will show.

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