Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day rocks when your kid is way cool.

I'm not sure how or when exactly it happened. My daughter is afraid of the stove, and doing anything that might involve the stove, i.e. cooking. She uses the oven, but for the stove top there is a fear of getting burned. If I could instill the same fear in her about boys, and booze, and all the things parents worry about their kids following in their footsteps, parenting would be a breeze. Well once again "instant bacon" (review coming soon) to the rescue, I awoke to the delectable scent of "BiB" or "bacon in bed". Nothing better than smelling your favorite food to wake you up and opening your eyes and seeing your favorite person. I should note that my daughter is a vegetarian, and not one of those, "I'm a vegetarian, but I eat fish." vegetarians. There is a another name for those types of vegetarians, "liars". She has been a non-meat eater from birth, so her bacon prep experience, including this morning, is a total of 1 time. She nailed it! Great start to a great day, I give her the full five out of five strips rating.

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