Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Next vacation? Thats right.. Pittsburgh!

I have been to Pittsburgh once, for some dear friend's wedding. I have a very cool friend that lives there. The Steelers play there. The Carnegie museums including the Warhol one would be awesome to visit. And yet you might think even with all those excellent reasons, vacation in Pittsburgh?!?

Ya know how sometimes you are looking for one thing on the net and you stumble upon a little golden nugget that makes you think "Wow, this is so cool, what did we do before all those tubes attached to the net?" Well.... to be honest, I am always looking for bacon, and its bacon that I find, so that analogy is crap. But I have heard that it happens like that. And if you have had an experience like that, you are welcome. I worked for the first commercial internet provider, ever. All your base are belong to my friend that started that company, I remember we were enjoying a nice gopher search when one day we tried out this new world wide web thing that was gonna link computers all over the world and make them like a Macintosh hypercard stack. We browsed the whole web, all of it, in under an hour. If not for my friends keen sense to get into the 'net biz first, and even keener sense to fire me... who knows you may have never been able to read this post. O.k. sure, someone else would have brought it to you, and nothing would be all that different, but it was fun to see it from the beginning, even if I can't take credit for it.

Well anyway, back to the town with three hard to pronounce rivers. This is an idea that Jason and I had EXACTLY! There is a bar, that on Tuesday's after happy hour, provides free bacon til close. DID YOU HEAR ME?!?!?! FREE BACON!!! Holy crap its Bacon Night!!! Harris Grill in Pittsburgh totally beat us to the punch. Okay so our idea was a cup of bacon not a paper fry tray thing, and sure our idea was they should have at movie theaters.... for sale... not free.... but its the same idea I'm telling you. I love California, but free bacon night, that would NEVER happen here, and that makes me a little sad, and long for a place that the beers flow easy and the bacon is free.


Anonymous said...

I would love to take the credit for bacon night, but it is an homage to a bar where I used to hang out in Lincoln Park, Chicago, called The Prodigal Son. Sadly, it burned down several years ago, but Harris Grill proudly continues the bacon tradition as pork seems to have quite a cult following here. If you ever make it to Pittsburgh please stop in and say hi!

Proprietor, Harris Grill

brian said...

bacon- the new jobbie.

Bacon Chris said...

@grillgrrrl - Thanks for the comment, and I am looking for reasons to be in Pittsburgh, especially on a Tuesday. I will definitely stop in and say hello and have some bacon.

-Bacon Chris