Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baconator - Go on, obsess a little

Oh how I want to like the Baconator. In theory what is not to like? Look at that picture, the "TBL" or tasty bacon layer is thicker than the burger layer!!! Everyone knows that fast food doesn't look like the picture, and I ask why as a society do we accept this? If I buy a blue car and the dealer brings it around front and its actually orange, I don't go "oh well I guess it looks different than when I ordered it." and drive away. How have we become so complacent that it is generally accepted, pictures of the food we are ordering are not a valid representation of what we are actually going to get? It false advertising at its very core, unacceptable in any other instance, yet fine and dandy, and not just accepted but expected, when it comes to food. I'm sure there is somebody to throw the blame on at the FDA or the FCC or some sort of corrupt government agency. But this is not a rant about false advertising, well, not just that anyway, this is a rant about the Baconator! The name, "Baconator" a blend of bacon (yum) and I am guessing terminator, as in the relentless killing machine that will stop at nothing if you are John Connor. (I am assuming that if your name is John Connor this sandwich immediately kills you and Wendy's took that into account as an acceptable loss of customer base.) Baconator, so much bacon it will kill you, thats what springs to mind when I hear the word, and I am assuming that is exactly what the idiots at Wendy's were hoping for. Someone over there knows about our underground bacon movement, you have seen it in other adds the Taco Bell Bacon Chalupa in the purse ad for example. Some one knows we are just like the dog in that commercial. So they build up this "ultimate" bacon burger, give it a catchy name and raise the price and watch the $$ roll in. The only problem is they have failed to instruct the restaurants to actually build the damn thing! I have tried 3 different Wendy's on more than one occasion each, and let me say this, they are consistent, consistently sucky!!! If you are gonna advertise the bacon, and charge for the bacon, well then by god deliver the bacon! Taking 3 strips of bacon (if you are lucky its three) and cutting them in half to make six, does NOT equal "TBL"! On all but one attempt I had to go looking for the bacon. John Connor didn't go looking for the terminator, he was always running from that guy. The only time I didn't have to go looking was simply because the sandwich top had slid off due to the insane amounts of ketchup this thing was doused in. Is all the red ketchup supposed to fool us into thinking that there is a lot of red bacon in there too? I mean these babies are swimming in the stuff, if you were to take a ketchup packet and empty it out that is about 1/4 of the ketchup on the Baconator. I can appreciate that bacon is a heavenly meat and the instinct to horde it is natural. But you are selling a sandwich that is supposed to kill me with its "TBL" well then gimme the damn bacon!!! I am paying extra for it, what the hell?!?!? Quit bogarting the bacon and replacing it with ketchup, thinking we won't notice, we do. Like GW said fool me once, shame on, shame on you, but fool me, cant get fooled again. So like the Connors, run, run far away from Wendy's, the Baconator is here to kill you, not with a TBL, but with lies and ketchup. You are better of getting the instant bacon (review coming soon). The lying liars of Wendy's get zero strips for their nice idea, that like skynet, is pure fiction.

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Bacon Jason said...

Bacon Chris is dead-on about Wendy's. Serious as a heart attack. It sucks the life out of you believing and hoping that you will get exactly what is promised to you - exactly what you see in the picture promoting the product - - - and you 'exactly get' a wimpy kick in the ass for your troubles from what is the equivalent of boiled bacon and less than you could possibly want.......think about that while your expectations are lowered. Like Ronald McDonald, Wendy is a corporate whore who isn't even worthy of the 'dollar menu'.

Thank the alleged god for instant bacon!!! me some dead pig sizzling...