Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quick Bacon Spot

Everyone has hobbies, and well I was perusing the bacon section of my local Von's... (Don't hate, some people knit, or read, or play WoW, I cruise the bacon least I'm out of the house.) And I came across this little beauty:

That is a vacuum sealed package of your standard thick cut grocery bacon. What is awesome is its 104 oz of of your standard thick cut grocery bacon. Maybe you are hosting a breakfast, lots of family is coming over, something like that, but a package that size... to me that says commitment. Think about it, whatever your favorite prep method is, cooking a pound of bacon can be a time consuming endeavor (Wait for the post on instant bacon). This is 6.5 times that!! I can imagine a lone bacoterian buying that as their week supply, (family breakfast be damned this baby is mine) and cooking a portion at breakfast, lunch and dinner 'til that pre-cut slab of goodness is all but a memory (No I did not buy it....this time but I have commitment issues). You break that vacuum seal and its on, a race between you and not wasting any of the six and a half pounds of the "good stuff".
I wonder about the marketing that went into a product like this. "Well I think what we need is a pack of bacon in the.... say 100 ounce range, we just aren't serving the clientèle that need their bacon in the 6+lb at a time quantity" Is there that demand? Are people buying so much bacon at once that this size package is a viable marketing option? I guess there must be and I am glad, it means there are people like us out there.

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dmob said...

That's alot of bacon!! Seems like something you would see at Costco, not Vons.