Saturday, May 17, 2008

The weight of Heaven

The weight of heaven? 7 lbs.
4 pounds of it in the form of a Mahogany smoked slab of bacon that wafts a smoky, meaty aroma that gives you an enticing preview of what you are about to consume!!
The other three pounds are in the form of the same quality bacon, but in solid, thick slices that are primed to jump from the package to your frying pan and make your little tum-tum feel like the chosen one.
This bacon from is honestly some of, if not the best, I have ever tasted. The smoky, mahogany flavor is balanced very well so that both tastes tweak your palate. Whether you prefer your bacon cooked up still meaty or crispy, this will please all bacoterians and maybe even convert some vegetarians - it IS that good.
We took advantage of having access to a meat slicer to slice our 4 pound slab into very thick slices. The pre-crowning moment was slicing off 1" THICK BACON STEAKS! The crowning moment was the grilling and eating of them - I HIGHLY recommend trying it if you get the chance.
My bacon steak grilled up quite nicely and just emanated mouth-watering bacony goodness! Yes, it emanated.

The picture ( taken with a cell phone ) shows the stare-inducing thickness of the bacon steak just after slicing.
I give it my highest rating 5 STRIPS OF BACON.

Now stop drooling and go get your own, grill and enjoy.

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Bacon Chris said...

I thought... come on... buying bacon over the internet? But we heard good things, so we figured why not? The prepackaged is great, the what can I say? Mando and his deli slicer, really made that a bacon experience like no other. You like bacon thick? Does the "Extra Thick Cut" packaged bacon leave you wanting? Then you need to go bacon steak size. Bacon Jason is not overstating when he says its good. I wholly agree 5 sizzling strips on this one! We will be getting more.