Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We are the Lords of Bacon

My friend Jason and I have an unnatural and slightly frightening obsession with bacon and all things bacon. Much to the chagrin of our co-workers we can carry on a conversation about bacon for hours... literally. We have found that there are other bacon worshippers out there, and we thought we would share our experiences with different bacons and bacon type products, as a sort of way to separate the gimmicky from the delicious, for ourselves and the other bacon lovers out there. So welcome, can you smell whats frying? Yup... BACON!


dmob said...

"...unnatural and slightly frightening obsession with bacon and all things bacon." - This is true.

But seeing as blogs don't exist, this comment post didn't happen.

-Peace, and bacon forever.

Target563 said...

For you bacon lovers I have a link with many recipes and pictures of bacony goodness.

Bacon Chris said...

You Rule! We will definitely be reviewing some of these!

fred said...

I love the smell of bacon in the smells like....victory!

There's a tasty treat in the fridge for the lords o''s hiding under the bacon! (Of Course)

brian said...

bacon comic

brian said...

2 words-
bacon vodka

Anonymous said...

Bacon Rules all... nuff said! I just met you guys today and all I can say: YOU GUYS ROCK!

Florence aka JadeValentine