Friday, October 17, 2008

Lucky Indeed!

Our friend Aaron pointed us to a menu for a Lucky's Pub in Houston, TX.

The last appetizer on the list.....

Bacon Wrapped Bacon - $8.95 Italian pancetta wrapped in Canadian bacon wrapped in American hickory smoked bacon with a maple butter sauce

I need a napkin to mop up the drool.

Now if it wasn't a 1600 mile drive I would totally go there for lunch.  

Anyone from the area that can chime in on this delectable treat, please let us know if it is as tasty as it sounds.

Update:  Bacon Jason made this observation:

Airfare to Houston - $200
Cab fare downtown - $25
Bacon Wrapped Bacon - $9

BEST LUNCH EVER? - Priceless


Aaron said...

I Swear he squealed like a little girl when I sent him the link.

Bacon Chris said...

It's true, I am ashamed to admit, I was just that excited.

Bacon said...