Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tivo Wishlist: Bacon

I love Tivo, and I mean real Tivo here not some crappy Moxi DVR from the cable company. I know people that have told me, "Oh I got the cable company tivo thing, its the same, I'm not impressed" That right there is someone who has never used a Tivo. I have had/have a cable company provided DVR, and it is no Tivo. Imagine if you will Tivo=bacon, then cable company DVR=turkey bacon, its packaged similarly, but we all know, imitation while a sincere form of flattery, in some cases, just doesn't get it done. This is one of those cases. Anyway.... my Tivo has a keyword wishlist for "bacon" anything that mentions bacon, gets recorded. Sure I get to sort through movies or old TV episodes Kevin Bacon has been in, but once you take those out you are left with... well the list below.

This is a list of all the shows my Tivo recorded in September with regards to "bacon", mostly cooking shows, a few other tidbits as well. It is fun to see some of these cooks, their faces light up and they become even more animated when it is a bacon themed show as opposed to just a recipe containing bacon.

9/4 Boy Meets Grill: "Tapas" (Food Network) Mussels; shrimp; squid with bacon and garlic oil.

9/6 Paula's Home Cooking: "Apple a Day" (Food Network) Apple-stuffed pork loin; grilled apple, bacon and cheddar sandwich; apple strudel.

9/8 Tyler's Ultimate: "Mac & Cheese" (Food Network) Macaroni and cheese with bacon; roasted-tomato soup.

9/9 Take Home Chef: "Adriana" (TLC) Baby-spinach salad with smoked bacon and cheese croƻtons; garlic and parsley marinated Cornish game-hens with tarragon fettuccine.

9/11 George Hirsch Living It Up!: "Stormin' the Castle" (KHIZ) Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland; falconry; golf; cheddar-potato soup and chive-bacon salad.

9/12 30-Minute Meals: "Believe in Bacon" (Food Network) Rachael's favorite ingredients take center stage.

9/12 30-Minute Meals: "BLT Steak" (Food Network) Beef, leeks and tomatoes with a bacon dressing.

9/14 Guy Off the Hook: "Downhome Diner" (Food Network) Pretzel-crusted chicken tenders; bacon studded mac-n-cheese; sweet 'n' tangy Tennessee lemonade.

9/15 Martha Stewart Show: "Martha takes viewers to her home" (KEYT) Chef Chris Schlesinger prepares pork glazed with molasses and chili; chef Joey Campanaro provides his recipe for a bacon cheeseburger; chef Scott Peacock makes a classic southern side dish; Martha takes viewers to her home in Bedford, NY.

9/20 30-Minute Meals: "Bayou Sizzle" (Food Network) Beer braised shrimp with Louisiana salsa and rice; fried green beans with bacon.

9/23 How It's Made (Discovery) Bacon; snowblowers; luxury cars.

9/26 Party Line With the Hearty Boys: "Buffet Breakfast" (Food Network) Bacon with brown sugar; individual egg baskets; rosemary and thyme potatoes; fruit salad.

9/27 The Cooking Loft: "Break the Rules Breakfast" (Food Network) Crustless quiche; pancakes with a fresh fruit compote; bacon.

9/27 Modern Marvels: "The Pig" (History) Some say pigs are as smart as 3-year old humans' turning pigs into bacon, ham, ribs and sausage; boar semen collection.

9/28 Cooking for Real: "Bistro Night In" (Food Network) Grilled chicken with white wine mushroom sauce; garlic hasselback potatoes with herbed sour cream; wilted green salads with warm bacon vinaigrette.

9/30 30-Minute Meals: "Firehouse Fiesta" (Food Network) Bacon and bean salad; Italian-style chili.

Man am I glad I ate before this post, otherwise I would be dying at the mention of sooo much bacon. Every time I think there is nothing good on TV, I just go look at the bacon wishlist.


Family said...

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Family said...
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Jess said...
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Jess said...

Great post Chris! The folks at TiVo really enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Now I'm even more hungry... dangit! thanks guys!