Monday, October 20, 2008

W.O.W.! Virtual Bacon

I have often pondered about the pounds and pounds of Bacon sizzling through cyberspace - pictures of Bacon in emails, discussion boards on Bacon and even Blogs About Bacon!
....but what about actual virtual Bacon. I mean can you DO that? Actual Virtual?....
Well thanks to the fine femme fatales over at, we now definitely know that you indeed CAN!
Apparently all you need to do is make your way to the Hellfire Peninsula, find and kill a HellBoar, then just get the meat, make it pure, sweet talk Legassi and his skillet and BAM! You have some HellBoar Bacon! W.O.W.! BAM!

What a world - you can not only find Bacon in a world some say doesn't exist and eat Virtually all of it ( see what I did there ? )!
Oh yeah, did I mention that to aquire this particular VBacon ( For those of you that are STILL newbs to this post( How does that work? ), that is yet another cool way to reference Virtual Bacon ), that you need to be playing a little game we like to call World Of Warcraft.
MMMMmmmmmm Bacon!

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