Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sony Hates Bacon!

I will admit, I am a geek, a nerd, a lover of technology. I have a blog about bacon, way to tech something not at all technological and nerd it up. I am o.k. with it. I have a PlayStation 3, among my many toys. Its awesome, I set the background to a bacon wallpaper and I have 56" of Hi-def bacon in the living room (It's all I can do to keep from licking my TV). I use it as a media center to play my xvids from my PC, I run software on my PC that streams my Netflix movies, hulu, youtube etc to it, oh and it rocks the Blu-Ray. On the PS3 you create an account, select an avatar, etc. for your online profile, that gives the other players a way to track you. I suck at games, but I figured my profile was out there on the PS3s of all the people that I had been pwned by in various games, it should say something about bacon, right?

So I go into to edit my online profile, you get one line for the "about me" portion of your profile, I figure "I love bacon" would do the trick. I input it and click continue and I get a screen like this:

"The text you entered cannot be used. Please enter a different content. Please try again."

What does that even mean??!?

So I try some other options, until I am down to the one word "bacon", to which I am still getting the same reply. I try other words and it accepts them, but as soon as "bacon" is in the mix, FAIL! I decide to try some alternates including, "b@con" to no avail, not only does it not like bacon, but also anything that looks like bacon.

Sony, what gives? Why you gotta hate? maybe some vegetarian programmers? Is there something I am missing? Is "bacon" a gamerz term for something other than sweet sweet meat candy?

Perhaps I will go back and try some expletives, although if it takes those and not bacon, I think I might actually be pissed. I feel censored. I wanna think the founding fathers had worldwide, networked gaming in mind when they wrote that first amendment, but even if they didn't I think Thomas Jefferson would fall to the side of bacon. I found a work around,
b a c o n.

I'll try to do some more research and see if I can come up with a reason as to why Sony isn't on board with the bacon, if I can tear my face away from the TV, I swear I wasn't licking the hi-def bacon......honest.


Andrew said...

well, my PSN id is 'slybacon' and I've never noticed any anti-bacon validation from sony...

Bacon Chris said...

Interesting. So bacon in the ID is ok, I recently tried putting the word bacon in the about me part of my profile, and again was told it was an invalid word. it Must be a bug??