Friday, November 28, 2008

Archie "mmmm bacon" McPhee

Every holiday season I buy stocking stuffers, and a variety of gifts from Archie McPhee. So I was pleased that a print catalog from them showed up in time for my black Friday shopping needs. Everyone knows, at least I think every one knows that they have a great selection of novelty bacon items (try the mints at your own risk). They have a wide selection of items, but what theme did they pick for their holiday catalog?? mmmmm bacon.

Did you know that they have a blog over there at McPhee's? They do and occasionally Mr. Bacon answers questions. Check it out. How fun must it be to work some place that sells cool bacon items and toys as well as has Mr. Bacon blogging for them?


Anonymous said...

Great site

OakMonster said...

LA times has this 1001 you cna do with bacon. Might wanna check it out!

BaconBaconBacon said...

Archie McPhee is our hero