Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Bacon in Bean Town

Earlier this year, my work sent me to Massachusetts for a few days and of course, I was away from home and longing for comfort food - Bacon!

  Now while I partook of some of the local specialties like a lobster roll and clam chowder, I couldn't help but imagine how Bacon could add a level of depth and flavor to these already deliciously decadent dining delights.  

   SO, after working our tails off, I took a little drive and let my inner Bacon guide me.   As irresistible as the Kavorka, the Bacon in me took control of my steering wheel, and as the picture below illustrates, guided me to exactly what I sought.....

..while it wasn't Bacon that I could eat, I knew this deserved some attention on our site. Although, I would have named the place Bacon Liquors ( Bacon lickers :) ), it was a fine establishment with a very friendly and helpful staff. The Northborough location was the one I found.
After my stop here, my bacon hunting desire was fueled even more and off I went.

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Woody said...

Happy Thanksbacon LOB crew!