Friday, November 21, 2008

My web is bacon flavored.

Have you ever used Tinyurl? take a long URL and you make it tiny, been around forever, if you have never used it, then you probably aren't a geek. Well the genius behind (one of my favorite baconlogs, see how I added bacon to blog there, man I am clever, seriously, this site is awesome it has two of the three elements that define me, bacon and geek, if it had Mountain Dew it would be like the ultimate trifecta, in fact I would begin to wonder if I had some sort of alternate me out there, but I digress.) they have launched a GREAT new site, it is like tinyurl, but it is for bacon, now all those long url's that you wanna send to your favorite bacon friend can be shortened and thereby made sweet, by using, cool huh?

There is a post here ( that explains it way better than what I have done. So if you got a great link to share with us, all I can say is "bacon me".

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