Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Bacon Salad.....

So our work ( Bacon Chris and I work at the same company - more on the serendipitous Bacon connection later ) had a pot luck lunch for this year's Halloween and it took us both about 6.37 nano-seconds to decide on what we would bring. Good Bacon-thinking. Bacon Chris prepared an excellent appetizer tray of several succulent types of Bacon - with those of us in the know able to get the highest quality bacon on the down-low ( inside Bacon joke ).
Since we have the whole gambit in our workplace, vegetarians, vegans, persons not allowed to eat Bacon due to their religion
( obviously not members of The Church of Bacon ), etc., so I decided to prepare an entrée that was sensitive to everyones needs.
Bacon Salad.
Let me tell you, this Baconic beauty was created with love and sheer juicy Bacon desire! Three pounds of Bacon cooked to perfection. Two leaves of lettuce to make it a 'salad'. One shaker of Bacon Salt for a little extra flavor - Oh Yeah, PRICELESS! Bacon to taste bitches ;)
Considering the crowd mentioned above, you may think that, among dishes of the likes of baked chicken, excellent bbq beans, pumpkin pie, yada yada yada, that there would have been enough bacon leftover to clog a T-Rex's arteries, but you would have been very, very wrong my non-Bacoterian friend.
There were two ( as in dual-tuner tivo ) whole pieces of Bacon remaining. Two 'strips' out of 'three pounds'! .....and yes, I saw members of each group mentioned above partake of the succulent swine that they outwardly protest, but inwardly yearn for it like Ryan Seacrest yearns to be a BrokeBack Filly for some wayward cowpoke - or at the very least for someone who is very butch with portable equipment.
Anywho, Bacon Chris' tray-o-plenty of beautiful Bacon and my Bacon salad were hugely successful and universally accepted. Bacon could bring our world together more than Bill and Ted's music.
- yes the picture is a little blurry - imagine yourself as a Lord Of Bacon and being in the presence of so much meaty perfection, and your pulse would begin to race too! Serenity Now

The Whole experience was definitely worthy of Four Full Strips of Bacon.

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Bacon Chris said...

The time it took to think of what to bring would require the latest in technological measuring equipment, some sort of brain implant, and a team of research scientists. What was stupefying for me and stopped me cold in my tracks for several minutes, unable to blink, or to move was this. The pot luck sign up sheet was broken down into sections; Entree, Appetizer, Side Dish, Dessert. I mean the mention of potluck-bacon faster than it took to read that, done. But bacon is all of those, how do you classify it into a sub group like that, it is like trying to pick your favorite child (something I avoided by only having one..I am clever) I brought a big tray with several pounds of bacon and just gave it to the organizer to put in the appropriate section of the table, and let them try to figure it out. ;)