Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pocket Pork from Maxim

That headline may conjure up all sorts of images, especially when I tell you its about porn...well bacon porn.  Don't worry it is SFW, well as safe as Maxim ever is, guess it depends on your work.

A handy dandy "Pocket Pork Calender" with 12 graphic bacon porn images for all your baconlust needs.  You have all the oldies but goodies here, bacon chocolate, deep fried bacon, maple-bacon lollipops, the works.  I suggest laminating it or something as it won't hold up to 12 months of drool.

The picture here is just a scan from the magazine, its not as hi-res as it could be, that is so you will go out and buy and or but up your own copy of the magazine.  

Special shout out to the guys watching the systems through the night so we don't have to, you guys rule, I'll be sending some bacon your way.


Bacon Jason said...

Maxim photo spreads sure get your attention, and this particular set of shots take it to a whole new level!
Bacon Chris is dead on right on this - laminate it or it will not last! Mo's Bacon Bar, the Maple Bacon Lollipops - Are You Kidding Me?!! No WAY it lasts! The laminating only gives it a chance to last a few more months!
Bacon Ice Cream - mmmmmm - sweet and salty frozen pig pieces - oh!

Woody said...

Thanks for the shout out Chris! Loving the site by the way. Came across this little gem today, It's a bummer they sold out already.