Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Windy City Bacon

In the vein of Sodolak's Steak House in Snook, TX, The Risque Cafe in Chicago is offering up country-fried bacon.  There is an article and picture in the Chicago Sun-Times, the article also mentions Chinaski's Bar, which on the first Monday of every month they have all you can eat bacon... for free.  

I love this quote: "All true religions have to have some monthly faith meeting," says one employee, when asked about the purpose of the bottomless bacon bowl.

So that's where the Church of Bacon is meeting.  If anyone has tried either of these or heads over and checks em out, let us know in the comments.  Chicago is a bit of a drive from SoCal... but when we do our Bacon Across America© road trip you know we will be stopping in.

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