Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bacon the Fresh & Easy way

I love food, especially bacon. That being said it is no wonder I enjoy cruising the aisles of the grocery store and checking out new things to put bacon on, etc. There is a fairly new chain of stores called fresh & easy and there is one opening this week in my neighborhood. Not much happens in my neighborhood so this store opening is not only the most exciting thing in a while, but also the source of much anticipation. Yes, excited and anticipating a grocery store opening, I very well might be old.

In today's mail I spied a flier from the new fresh & easy with details of the grand opening etc. As I open it up, what do I see? A turkey covered with bacon! I knew the anticipation wasn't for naught. But wait as I look closer, its not just a serving suggestion, they are selling turkeys pre-wrapped with smoked bacon for Thanksgiving! I haven't even been there yet and I love this store! Once they open I will have to go and check their bacon section and write it up here. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

UPDATE: Fresh and easy website has been updated to include the current ad with the turkey, also of note, bacon wrapped sausages!!


OakMonster said...

Hi guys! F&E Twitter got me here. You've just gained one new bacon lover & F&E obsessed reader! :)

Their bacon comes in at least 3 variety. Center cut (which I use), uncured, and regular. They used to have a British cut too but that's long gone now.

The Center cut comes in a 12-oz pack instead of a pound. Apparently a pound of glorious cure pork was too much for some people. I blogged about it here.

SallieB said...

SallieB from Fresh & Easy here...
We love your bacon blog! We passed along your link on our F&E twitter -- as the lovely OakMonster said in her comment!

If you come to the Fullerton opening tomorrow EARLY in the morning, the entire F&E team will be there. We'd love to see you there and to meet you!

We hope to see you tomorrow!
Fresh & Easy Team

metalchick666 said...

OMG, we need a Fresh & Easy here in NJ!